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Renata Reese, the Soul behind Stay Sunny Co.

About Stay Sunny Co.

I remember sitting in a room by myself waiting to be prepped for a biopsy on a tumor in my breast when I decided on the name for a blog I had yet to create, Stay Sunny Co. Completely inspired by my daughter, Sunny, the idea behind "Stay Sunny" became more of a life motto that would set the tone for my life every day since then as I prepared for the biggest battle of my life. My cancer diagnosis opened my eyes and heart to helping women everywhere through my writing. As a woman, wife, first-time mother, professional, friend, and now breast cancer warrior, I want to share my experiences thus far to help other women who may be struggling with something in life no matter how small or big.

Writing has been therapeutic for me and has helped me connect with so many incredible people who are as open to sharing their honest thoughts and feelings as I am. My goal in every situation, every single day, is to find the silver lining and the lesson. I hope Stay Sunny Co. is a place that inspires and encourages in every aspect of life, from the deep, tough moments to the minutiae of the day-to-day. I hope I can encourage readers to find their outlet to release the tough stuff and make more room for happiness.

For more of my personal background, take a look at this post.

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