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7 Top Amazon Picks for a 7-Month Old

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Sunny's Super Seven delivers top, affordable Amazon picks that are Sunny-approved!

Now that Sunny is 7 months old, she has had a major developmental growth spurt! She has enough energy to run around, but is still working on the motor skills to get her to crawl before she can walk (or run, for that matter).

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These are not only the easiest to clean after messy meal time, they're so adorable! Sunny is on the bigger side for her age and these bibs fully cover her and have an adjustable neck so that your baby's outfit is spared from any lunch leftovers! The best part is that you're supporting a small business when you purchase from Simka Rose.

Sunny is starting to find her groove now that she's 7 months old! We noticed that she shakes her head to certain music beats and bangs her hands like she's playing the bongos. She has a little keyboard that she loves playing, so I thought she would like to have her own little drum, too. I was right! She LOVES this play drum.

It has a few different teaching settings and fun, colored lights to guide your baby to tap on the drum and learn colors and rhythm at the same time. Sunny still doesn't understand the directions yet, but she still gets so much enjoyment out of this educational toy that will grow with her. The drum plays different songs, as well as English or Spanish versions you can toggle between. Sunny can't get enough of the Samba beats!

This play mat has been a game changer for Sunny's rolling and crawling development! When it's play time, we like to get on the floor in Sunny's nursery. There is a big, plush rug in the center of Sunny's nursery. What I noticed during tummy time sessions, right around when Sunny was 5 months old, was that she loved pulling at the rug fibers. Not a great idea!

I instantly took to Amazon to find a large, foldable mat to lay over the rug to help encourage (not distract) her tummy time. This mat was the perfect size for the space we have, it has two different designs on each side which makes it fun to change up. It's incredibly easy to clean - hallelujah! The mat is just thick enough that it offers protection against the tile floor and keeps baby comfortable while rolling, crawling, or sitting. I also love that it folds up easily and can be stored in a closet or under a bed when not in use.

I have a confession. I have a serious need to organize and compartmentalize everything! I've been called a bag lady from friends too many times. Everything needs its own space, people! I knew that when it came to my baby's diaper bag, I would need to be organized so that I could easily take inventory and know where to find those pacifiers in a split second without digging through a Mary Poppins, endless bag of stuff. Enter these incredible, labeled and color-coded diaper bag organizers - YES! They are the perfect size to fit everything they're labeled to do and easily fit into any tote that works with your lifestyle. Free yourself from the standard diaper bag!

These simple toys have been around for years and years. I know I had them as a baby! Sometimes simple and old school is just what baby needs for hand-eye coordination and motor skill development. Sunny is all about the Rock-a-Stack rings! For now, she mostly enjoys holding the rings and moving her wrists back and forth; however, there are times when she understands that the ring goes over the base and puts them back on. It's amazing to watch her try to master that skill!

Sunny is exploring so much with her hands these days. She loves to feel, grasp, and pull almost everything she gets her hands on. Up until about a month ago, Sunny had a great attention span for being read to. She would sit on my lap and listen to the stories while looking at the pages intently. So much has changed since those days!

Sunny's attention span is short and all she wants to do is grab, pat, or scratch the pages on the book. Sensory books are a fantastic way to bridge the gap between literacy and the need for sensory stimulation! The "Never Touch a Monster" book has a patch of varying silicone bumps on every page, colorful illustrations, and a rhyming story that I sometimes prefer to sing instead of read.

Sunny has a few different activity centers, but the second she got into this one, she instantly started playing and moving herself all around to each and every toy. There is so much variety to each toy that if she gets bored, the next one offers a completely different experience that keeps her entertained for a while. What I particularly love about this activity center is that it grows with your baby! You can convert it into three different stages for more longevity! Repurposing is always a YES!

I hope these recommendations are helpful for your baby! Have any recommendations of your own? Comment below!

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